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GG Signals Public

GG Signals Public


GG Signals Crypto Trading Group

About Us

We are a team of Ex-Binance employees with extensive experience in the cryptocurrency market. Our expertise is grounded in Futures Trading.



1. Futures Training

Benefit from our in-depth Futures Training, designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the complexities of Futures Trading.


2. Futures Signals

Access our premium Futures Signals generated by our team of experts. These signals are meticulously analyzed to provide you with accurate and timely market insights.


3. Signal Accuracy

Expect high accuracy in our signals, backed by our team's commitment to delivering reliable information for your trading decisions.


4. Signal Frequency

Receive between 10 to 50 signals daily, ensuring you stay informed about market opportunities throughout the day.


5. Automation Support (via Cornix)

Take advantage of our automation support through Cornix, streamlining your trading experience and ensuring timely execution of signals.


6. Beginners Guide

New to trading? Our comprehensive Beginners Guide is tailored to help you understand the fundamentals and kickstart your trading journey with confidence.


7. Easy Copy-Trade Signals for Beginners

Simplify your trading experience with our easy-to-follow copy-trade signals, designed especially for beginners. No complex strategies – just copy and profit.


8. Entry-Take-Profit-Stop Loss

Our signals come with clear instructions, including entry points, take-profit targets, and stop-loss levels. We prioritize transparency to empower your trading decisions.


Get Started Today

Join us and embark on a journey of profitable trading with the support of our experienced team and cutting-edge tools. Whether you're a seasoned trader or a beginner, we have the resources to enhance your trading success.

Contact us now to explore the world of profitable trading!

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