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Kinesis: Gold as Money

Kinesis: Gold as Money


Kinesis is born from Allocated Bullion Exchange (ABX), an Australian public company and leading electronic institutional exchange for allocated physical precious metals, with over 10 years of experience facilitating global trade.


The primary elements of Kinesis are:

a) Gold & Silver — The primary currencies offering allocated 1:1 title to physical gold & silver — the greatest stable and definable stores of value for use in commercial and private transactions and investment.

b) Yield — A perpetually recurring yield generated from economic activity, not from debt based interest like fiat currency — providing definable value via Net Present Value (NPV) calculations for use in commercial, institutional and retail investment.

c) Cryptocurrency technology — Can only be enhanced.



How many types of yields are there?

There are 5 types of yield offered within the Kinesis system:

a) Minters Yield,

b) Holders Yield,

c) Referrers Yield,

d) Velocity Yield,

e) KVT Yield.

These are all drawn from the master fee pool, which is an accumulation of all the fees in the Kinesis network via minting, sending, spending, buying and selling Kinesis currencies. A portion of the master fee pool is then distributed back to the users as yields every month.



Kinesis will attract capital from:

a) Cryptocurrency markets – Currently little to no yield

b) The gold and silver markets — Currently little to no yield

c) Fiat currency markets — Low to negative yield via debt-based interest rates

d) Investment asset markets — Comparatively low yields for the market and property investments



Kinesis Unique Features

a) Virtual and physical card program with hybrid banking functionality, providing a complete solution for making payments anywhere in the world, using digitised physical gold and silver.

b) Kinesis has a yield system, where a share of global transaction fee revenue is distributed back to the users for their everyday participation in the system.

c) Kinesis has 9 partner Vaults in London, Sydney, New York, Liechtenstein, Singapore, Zurich, Dubai, Panama and Hong Kong, providing gold and silver bullion redeemability globally.

d) KAU and KAG are blockchain-based digital currencies, based 1:1 on physical gold and silver, enabling global transactions anywhere in the world via the blockchain, with a transaction fee of 0.45%.

e) Kinesis has the only physical silver-based spendable and redeemable digital asset (KAG) available.